Modelling_2 task 3 —- Dynamic Poses

When it comes to drawing and/ or sculpting human figures they never stand in a t pose. The reason why is because when it comes to human posture its always ALWAYS in a dynamic pose. Whether they be standing still, sitting down or even simply walking the pose it unique and not bland.

(It is fairly noted one of the only times you would draw or sculpt a person stand still in a t-pose is if its a character design for a concept art).

The drawings above are illustration of people doing things in their everyday lives. The assignment is to replicate a dynamic pose from a reference image. The purpose of this is to see if our knowledge of the human anatomy can easily replicate real life. A good animator and good modeler are someone who can make a person on a computer look realistic.

The reference image I’ve chosen was this one…Free running athlete in the streets and beach of Barcelona. Parkour
A stock photo that was provided to me is of a man doing parkour over a short ledge. His entire body is almost completely sideways and his left hand is the only thing touching the ground. The man head is slightly facing the camera while the top of his torso is face the camera. His two legs and his right arm are facing the left direction.

SO! Using a Zbrush human model with each of its limbs separated from each other Positioning the limbs in it respected place will create the pose I wanted.



Recreating the pose I had to imaging what would the pose look like in other angles. While the photo reference what I have to focus on. It wouldn’t look proper if I see from another point of view. For example…


Looking at it from above I can fully see the positioning of the legs and arms in the Z translation. The right knee is a little too far back. So I move it a little bit forward.


Now there was a problem I run into and it was the left arm.Capture.PNG

Now while it does look like its in the correct position, it just looks a bit off and when I try and adjust it to make it look more accurate. The arm ends up looking like someone has broken it.



Now what did I learn from this? Well I learned how to pose a human figure into the posture I wanted. BUT from the experience I’ve gain from this I can soon one day be able to replicate almost any pose with OR without any references. Being able to pull that off easily is what make me a good modeler, and having a great understanding of the human anatomy.

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