Rigging Report- Checklist

This is a checklist on the process on making a Basic Broken Hierarchy that has a switch to swap between IK and FK.


Step 1: Make the legs (DEM LEGS YO) (jk)


Both joints on legs are the exact same position except the X translate. (exactly 2cm apart)

Then import the cntrls curves.


So right now I place the leg cntrls to their correct place. Now these controls will be controlling the FK handles.  BUT before we do that we need to make some buffs and FK joints.

Step 2: Making FK joints and Cntrl Buffs.

To make a cntrl buff is really simple. You simply group the cntrl like this…


So right now the Hip cntrl is in a buff and now select the buff not the cntrl, the buff and drag it to the right position. And notice the pivot is in the center of the cntrl. Now we want the pivot where the hip is.Capture.JPG


With the buff selected and the cntrl hit Insert and move the pivot to the hip.

CaptureNow the most import part in making this rig. The orient constraint.

Step 3: Orient Constraint

This step can be easily mess up if you don’t select the right things in order to make it work.

Now select the cntrl first and than the joint.


Open the window to Orient Constraint Options


Have ‘Maintain offset turned on, and hit apply. Now you will have this on your screen…


With that we can now do this…


We can now move the entire leg by rotating the FK cntrl. Now we repeat the process with the remainder cntrls and joints.


Now we have all the cntrl oriented. But there is one problem, look what happens when I move the hip control…


The other controls are not following their joints. Thankfully we can easily fix this with a mirror hierarchy.

Now you need to parent the hip cntrl and the root joint then the Global cntrl so you can parent the Fk leg jnts & cntrls and orient them. You should have something like this…


Congratulations you’ve made a mirror hierarchy!!! Repeat the same process for the right leg. Make sure you name them correctly. Otherwise you’ll get confuse.

Now for the IK handle.

Step 4: Making IK joints and cntrls

Making the IK handle is kinda similar to making the FK handle and thankfully its a lot more easier than the FK handle. 🙂

Now place the Ik cntrls in their respective place and freeze their transformation


Next is to create a ‘Pole Vector’. Select Create IK handle click the IK hip jnt and then the IK ankle jnt. One you’ve done that you should be able to see this…


Do the same with the ankle to the ball and the ball to the toe.

That white point what the pole vector is facing towards (which is the Z axis).

Now parent the IkHandle to the ankle cntrl next parent the Ik ankle cntrl to the Global control…



With that done you can do this!!!


Now when you move the ankle upwards the leg bends forward like its bending its knee.

Next is the IK knee cntrl

Step 5: IK handle (continue)


Select the Ik knee cntrl (The one that got 4 arrows) and then select the Ik knee IK Handle and go to the constrain tab and hit ‘pole vector’


Now you can twist the knee. And this is great if you’re gonna animate someone who is tap dancing.


So now we have the Ik leg and the fk leg done and ready. Now its time to create the switch so you can use both IK and FK at the same time when you are gonna animate.

Step6: The switch


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